Patient Notice – What will happen at the surgery on 19th July 2021?

Throughout the pandemic we have strived to make the surgery as safe as possible for everyone and we will continue to do so after 19th July 2021. We will do this by not changing anything that may increase the risk of Covid-19 to our vulnerable patients, particularly as during the last 3 weeks there have been increasing numbers of positive cases each day (with many people sick despite having both their vaccinations).

From 19th July 2021 the surgery team and patients will be asked to continue to wear a mask, socially distance and use hand sanitiser in the surgery. Some people cannot receive the Covid vaccinations due to medical reasons and others are vulnerable due to old age or disease, so we feel it would be wrong not to continue with these precautions that can help protect us all.

In terms of opening up, we have never been closed and, in fact, have consulted with much higher numbers of patients than we did pre-Covid by phone, video and face to face.

Haslemere and Fernhurst residents have made every effort during the last 16 months to try to minimise the impact of Covid and we are sure you will support this request to continue to keep  everyone as safe as possible going forward.

If you do not have a mask with you when you arrive at the health centre, please ask at reception and they will give one to you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Haslemere Health Centre & Fernhurst Surgery