Online Services

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Online services are secure internet services that enable you to:

  • Manage appointments – you can make, cancel and view existing appointments at the surgery online.
  • Manage repeat prescriptions – you can view and order your repeat prescriptions online.
  • View your summary record – you can view your prescription history and allergy information online.
  • View your detailed coded medical record (DCR) – you can request this and if consented to by your clinician, you can view your detailed coded medical record online.

There are also a number of different service providers which you can also choose from:

If you are not already registered for our online services, please complete our Register for Online Services form.

Please contact the Health Centre Registration department on 01428 748209 for more information.

If your usual medication is not visible on the re-order screen, this may be due to the fact that you have recently received a letter asking you to either have a test or to make an appointment which you have not actioned. Please contact the surgery to discuss this on 01428 748208.

If you have not recently received a letter please contact the prescription department on 01428 748208.