Information about Appointments

Can I have a “Face to Face” Appointment?

The simple answer is yes. However we ask you to have a telephone or video call with a doctor or nurse prescriber first. This allows us to assess the risk that you might have COVID and we may be able to deal with your issue on the phone. We may ask you to send a photo by text message as that can provide useful information in certain conditions. We can also offer video consultations. Currently around 20% of calls lead to a visit to the Health Centre.

Sharing of Information

Our receptionist will ask you for information about your condition when you phone as it allows us to assess how we can most effectively deal with your request as well as allowing us to check how urgent it might be.

If you feel uneasy about sharing information over the phone you can use this form to describe your symptoms or concerns: Get Help for Any Health Problem.

Why are you limiting visits to the Health Centre?

NHS England recommends that all GP practices triage patients before seeing them face to face. This is because we want to keep you safe from inadvertent transmission of COVID whilst delivering health care to you. Additionally we need to maintain availability of our services and reduce the risk of an outbreak.

Are you still making house calls?

We assess all visits by phone to assess the need for the visit for the reasons described above. We continue to offer home visits for patients who cannot attend the surgery and require a face to face appointment.

Can I wait in my car before an appointment?

If you are required to attend the Health Centre we will ask you to attend at a set time to the Health Centre. We ask you not to check in but to wait in your car and we will call you on your mobile phone when we are ready to see you. You will need to wear a mask in the building and use the hand sanitiser on your way in and out.

How do I arrange a blood test?

Please collect your form from Reception and visit to book your appointment at Haslemere Hospital.

What other services are available at the present time?

The following are now available and can be booked by completing our Request an Appointment With a Nurse or Healthcare Assistant form.

  • Blood tests
  • Blood pressure – although we recommend that patients consider buying a home meter as it can provide accurate readings and prevents the need to attend the surgery
  • ECG
  • Child Vaccination
  • Asthma review
  • COPD review
  • Diabetes review
  • Wound management/dressing
  • Cervical screening

Can I book an appointment for Ear Syringing?

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 processes we do not have the capacity to provide this service at the present time. The practice understands that there are private companies offering this service in Haslemere and in Midhurst.