Sara Abbas BPharm, BSc, MSc, PgDip Mental Health Pharmacist

Gender: Female

About me:

Originally from Derbyshire, I qualified as a pharmacist from Nottingham University in 1993 and recently became a prescriber specialising in mental health. My interests are travel and people. So I am interested in you. I am interested in how people interpret and experience their environment and embrace how this varies between cultures and individuals. I am passionate about learning from experts, whether they are doctors or patients and a good day at work is when I go home slightly changed for the better due to interactions with others.

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression, anger issues etc. please book an appointment to see me. I am able to offer longer appointments, up to one hour long in complex cases. I will book any blood tests needed to rule out other conditions and can also prescribe medication if needed. I can also review your mental health medication if you feel it is time to make any changes.